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Consider These Tips For Moving Closer to a Senior Loved One















Learning that an elderly loved one is struggling with daily tasks is difficult. Some people might decide that they’re going to move closer to their family membersto help take care of them. When this involves a considerable move, you have to think about several factors.

Look for Signs of Needing Help

There are several signs that a senior loved one might need someone to live with them to help them out. If they aren’t eating healthy meals or can’t handle basic hygiene, they likely need assistance. They may need someone to help with transportation and to keep appointments straight. Safety issues, such as failing to remember to turn the stove off, are also signs that help is necessary.

Find the House for Your Needs

If you decide to provide care for your loved one, you may need to find a new home near where they live. It's best to look for a long-term solution in case you’re there for a while. You also have to consider your budget.

Moving long-distance means you need to count on the help of a real estate professional to help you find suitable homes. Provide them with a detailed wish list to help them to sort through properties so you only see those that come close to meeting your needs. If you think that your aging loved one will need to live with you, consider the elementsthey'll need. These might include a bedroom and bathroom on the main level of the home.

Before you start your house hunt, it's best to secure a lender. Mortgage companies consider several factors when they determine how much credit to extend to you to purchase a home. This includes your credit history, income, debt-to-income ratio, and employment history. You can find most of these out at a glance; however, finding your debt-to-income ratio requires some math. You can calculate itby adding up your monthly debt payments and dividing the total by your monthly income. Use the gross monthly income and not the net monthly income to figure this out.

Get Ready for the Big Move

Proper preparation for moving daycan reduce stress dramatically. Be sure that you take care of things around the house that need to be done. Some jobs, such as painting or refinishing floors, are much easier to do if there’s no furniture in the home. Certain repairs might also be much easier. Renovations, such as adding grab bars in the shower or wheelchair ramps might also be handled before moving day so they don't disrupt daily life.

Start packing earlyso you know that you have enough time. Things that you don’t use often can be packed well in advance of moving day. Consider hiring movers so you don’t have to worry about doing the heavy lifting. This enables you to simply drive your vehicle to your new home without having to worry about renting a moving truck to get your belongings there.

Reduce Your Stress with a Real Estate Professional

One of the most important things you need to do if you have to move closer to a senior loved one is find a place that’s suitable and get there with as little stress as possible. Van Dorm Realty, Inc.can help people in the Olympia area who are ready to find a home that meets their needs.


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