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Thinking of Making a Move

Are you tired of broken promises and let downs in your real estate career? Perhaps you were lured in by promises of hands-on training or extra support, only to find yourself disappointed. Or maybe you weren't even aware of Van Dorm Realty's existence until now. Regardless of your past experiences, we're thrilled to have you here!

After spending time in the industry, you know what truly matters. You need a brokerage that delivers on its promises and values your success. At Van Dorm Realty, we understand your needs, and that's why brokers like you make the switch to us. Here are just a few reasons why:


1. Broker Support:

You won't encounter absentee brokers here.  Jeff, Diane, and Steve Pust are always hands-on and ready to assist you personally every hour of every day, all year round. Whether it's late nights, weekends, or even holidays, we're here for you.


2. Supportive Environment:

Join a supportive environment, where experienced brokers and staff collaborate, sharing knowledge, and success strategies to nurture your growth and development.


3. Strong Reputation:

Benefit from our strong reputation! Van Dorm Realty, with 44 years of industry experience, synonymous with integrity, professionalism, and exceptional service. Aligning with us enhances your credibility as a broker, as we are well-known and respected in our community.


4. Financial Incentives:

Earn up to 100% commission based on your production level, without any desk or franchise fees, and benefit from one of the industry's lowest cap rates. Additionally, refer a broker to Van Dorm and earn up to $10,000!


Don't let past disappointments hold you back. Take the next step in your career by scheduling an appointment with us today. Let's turn your aspirations into achievements together at Van Dorm Realty!  


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