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Career FAQ's

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the world of real estate in Washington State?  Here's everything you need to know to kick-start your career with Van Dorm Realty:

What does it take to get a Real Estate License?

In Washington State, Becoming a Real Estate Salesperson requires dedication and commitment.  You'll need to complete 90 hours of licensing education and pass the State Exam.  But don't worry, our partnership with Rockwell Institute offers an online course that not only meets the state requirements but also boasts a remarkable 90% first-time pass rate.  Plus, sign up through Van Dorm and enjoy a discount.  Achieve certain production goals in your first 6 months and we'll reimburse your for the full course! 

What should I expect when I'm starting out?

Picture yourself diving into a dynamic business where your success is in your hands.  While the excitement of earning paychecks quickly is undeniable, remember, building a business takes time.  Your first paycheck may take a few months, so having 6-12-month cash reserve is crucial.  Craft a solid business plan and stick to it daily;  consistency is your secret weapon for success.

How do I generate business?

Think like a business pro!  We offer various opportunities like networking within our extensive broker network, open houses, internet leads, and more.  However, your real growth comes from setting goals, creating a step-by-step business plan, and choosing the right company that aligns with your style and goals.  

What is a typical day like?

Your day is what you make it.  However, if we had our say it would start with check-in calls and personal notes, social media posts, networking over lunch or coffee, scheduling client interactions such as pop-bys and social events, learning the market, and investing in self-improvement through podcasts.  Consistency is your ally in achieving greatness. 

What kind of person does well in real estate?

Success in real estate isn't about degrees or sales tactics;  it's about your drive to succeed, hard work and commitment to self-improvement.  Anyone with passion and determination can excel here.  One of our best salesperson's, and for that matter one of the best ever in Thurston County, was a former school bus driver! 

How do I get started?

Ready to take the leap?  Contact us to enroll in our pre-licensing course or schedule an interview if you've already met the education requirements.  Reach out to Jeff, Diane, or Steve Pust, or call us at 360-943-3800 to get started on your journey.  

What does it cost to get started?

Starting up may cost around $1000 to $1,500, covering education, licensing fees, industry memberships, marketing materials, and more.  During the interview process, we'll break down the fees.   

What monthly or recurring expenses can I expect?

Expect a few recurring expenses like industry memberships and other business costs.  At Van Dorm, we keep your overhead low at just $55 per month, covering a range of essential services to support your success.   

What type of training is available to me?

We're committed to our growth.  Benefit from personalized training, group sessions, office meeting and on call 24/7 training to hone your skills and build your business. 

How much can I make?

Your income potential is vast, depending on your goals and efforts.  With dedication, a solid business plan, and time investment, meeting or exceeding your expectations is within reach.  Our initial goal is to help you set reasonable expectations and not blow smoke of instant riches!

What type of commission splits and/or desk fees does Van Dorm have?

Enjoy commission splits up to 100% based on your production level with no desk or franchise fees, and one of the lowest cap rates around.  Plus, earn up to an additional $10,000 for each broker you recruit to Van Dorm!  Our philosophy is simple:  Pay well, provide top support, keep expenses low, and watch our brokers thrive. 

Ready to get started?

Turn your passion for real estate into a thriving career.  Contact Us Today or call Jeff, Diane or Steve Pust at 360-943-3800 to explore joining Van Dorm Realty, Inc.  Your journey to success starts here!

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